It’s great converting a man!

One of my clients Mum’s bought Mr 19 to see me, he was stressed and not sleeping.  It was getting him down, he had a busy life, was trying to concentrate on his studies and well, just being a young adult and was willing try to anything.

He was keen for a lovely relaxing massage, he listened to me how essential oils worked and also willing to try a couple of body blends to take home and use regularly.  I made him ‘His Little Bottle of Calm’ blend and SleepEase – gave him my usual line of “they won’t work if you don’t use them”.  He smiled and promised me he would.

That was 3 weeks ago – Mr 19 returned for another massage and is a much happier young man.  I was thrilled to hear these words “I sleep so deeply I’m dribbling on the pillow, I’m not so stressed….. I just feel more free” – it was my turn to smile, winked at him and said “who’d a thought little drops of essential oils could achieve this huh”

He bought two more bottles of his blends 😀


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  1. kassalee says:

    Love it!

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