Things on my mind at the minute…… the skeptics, the brainwashers and those AMAZING anti-wrinkle creams….

I want to try and write this post without being ‘ranty’…… I’ll do my best!

The Skeptics & Non believers

Anyone who is ‘into’ using essential oils & herbs (I only specialise in the use of essential oils) knows the challenge we face trying to make skeptics & non believers understand / believe that what we do actually does have an effect/works/positive results (if used as directed).  When I’m challenged, which does happen every now and then, I do my best to just ignore, what I deem to be, an ignorant response.

Why ignorant (& uneducated)?  Well we are constantly being told how good fruit and vegetables are for us – the vitamins & minerals they produce which are transferred to our bodies when we eat them.  Well guess what!  Essential oils come from plants shock, horror – the natural substance is extracted from those plants and we make use of the ‘goodies’ (properties) either by applying them topically, through inhalation and although the practice isn’t allowed in New Zealand, taking them internally (in France this is general practice, under correct supervision by a qualified practitioner).

Those properties are absorbed into our bloodstream & central nervous system (this has been scientifically proven). Eating ginger, for example, is great for our digestion, nausea, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, is warming to the muscles & is pain relieving.  People who ‘eat/include it in juices’ believe the goodness it gives taking ginger this way so why not believe that the essential oil can also help/work in the same way (but more effectively as its concentrated)? I always explain to new clients that essential oils work like nicotine patches, the natural chemicals in the essential oils penetrate the hair follicles & pores just like the chemicals in nicotine patches (for example).  So yes skeptics/non-believers, have a think about the facts above please!

smiley_face_whatever_c00181_19547 (1)

At the end of the day, the proof is in the results – a great example of seeing results quickly is my TINKture Tattoo Aftercare product – the properties in this are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic/antibacterial, cell regenerating (therefore speeds the healing process) to name a few – regular users of TINKture have experienced & seen the results – they can ‘feel’ their new tattoo is less painful/less red/less swollen – it is the people who have never used the product that ‘poo-poo’ how something made with essential oils & plant based carriers oils can help heal a new tattoo.  In fact, TINKture is so good, a ‘lay’ person tried to copy it so the recipe & ingredients are now protected by a legal ‘Trade Secret’ (as are some of my other Le’Esscience products).

Le’Esscience MendBlend  is another great example – these pics tell it all – used on a wee chap with Chicken Pox over a four day period – guess how many ingredients are in this product? 2 plant based carrier oils & 5 pure essential oils and thats it! Not a huge long list of synthetic chemicals that NO one can understand what they mean / do!


Other essential oils products that help with depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, conditions where you can’t physically what’s wrong, are also equally as effective! So confident am I, my regular clients know my mantra “It will only not work if you don’t use it”…..

So you skeptics & non-believers, why don’t you open your minds a bit – don’t knock it before you try it!  I have a Dr that use the Le’Esscience Headache & Migraine synergy for her teenage son’s ‘aura’ migraines, another Dr who uses the Le’Esscience SleepEase blend  because she doesn’t like taking sleeping pills – giant steps towards seeing the light!

The Brainwashers and those AMAZING anti-wrinkle creams

The brainwashers…… the beauty & pharmaceutical companies and their huge marketing budgets.

Yes, I’ve been brainwashed in the past, used to buy expensive creams & lotions to try and stop the ageing process. But due to what I do now, personally, I don’t see the ‘point’ of a cream as the cream just serves as a carrier for other ingredients – any hand, face, or body cream, lotions or butters,  you are fundamentally buying the same thing: a blend of water and oil. Differences between products come from the choice of oils, different proportions and additives such as preservatives, scent, and a host of other chemicals designed to enhance the feel, stability or efficacy of the product. When you buy moisturiser you are paying for packaging, marketing, shipping, real estate, innumerable middlemen and the lavish lifestyles of cosmetic giant CEOs… only a tiny portion pays for the actual moisturiser.

Soooooooo, why not cut out ALL the extra’s and just use plant based carrier oils? SO much cheaper! And honestly, in my opinion, better! Extra virgin Olive Oil is SO good as a cleanser, for hydrating dry, irritated cracked skin, great for applying straight on to your legs just after shaving – its those marketing people that have told us Olive Oil is just for cooking and eating! Not true!  Use it on your skin – daily!  Did you know Whitney Houston (RIP Whitney) used EV Olive Oil everyday on her body! Other brilliant oils for the body are Rosehip, Jojoba Wax, Grape Seed, Sweet Almond Oil (this one should be avoided if you are a sufferer of eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis and have nut allergies), Apricot Kernel, Tamanu (this stuff is INCREDIBLE), Coconut Oil to name a few! Then of course to make these wonderful natural oils even better you can add pure essential oils!

What’s weird is it’s just so simple – literally, uncomplicated simplicity! This seems to put people off!  For example, BeautiFuel Serum (which only costs $26.95!) contains two plant based carrier oils & 5 pure essential oils.  Regular use will help keep your skin healthy, balanced, pores clear & helps to regenerate new cells. Why do we need all these additives & extra ‘synthetic’ chemicals that have ludicrous claims of preventing wrinkles and are anti-ageing!   Yes!  We should keep our precious skin clean & moisturised, but lets do it simply – beautifully naturally – I am SUCH an advocate of this way.

Obviously, genetics & diet has a lot to do with it too!  Making sure you eat well & drink plenty of water, protect your skin from harsh sun (that’s the ‘cream’ I use, sunblock).

So, would you prefer to use a product with an ingredient list like this or a natural, cruelty free, vegan product that contains 7 simple, understandable ingredients (such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Rosehip)… or the ingredients in this list….


Think about this… Madonna, Demi Moore, Meg Ryan and other such MEGA rich celebrities, have had access to THE most expensive anti-ageing creams, moisturisers & other supposed corrective products and yet they have had extensive cosmetic procedures – what does that tell you? The products do not work! If they did why do these celebrities have such dramatic cosmetic surgery to make themselves look eternally younger?

Save your money… go simple – I dare you to try it!

And lastly…. when you see a label that states it is a ‘Natural Product’ and in the ingredient list it says the word either ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ – that means synthetic – dozens or even hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds to make the aroma of the product smell ‘nicer’ – worse still, if the product says it contains essential oils AND the word ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ it probably means there is such a small amount of essential oils, little to no aroma is detectable, therefore will have little to no therapeutic benefits either.  Don’t get me started on a synthetic mineral oil product that promises to heal stretch marks & scars…… BUT this one DOES work!

So I hope this didn’t come across to ranty, or on-my-high-horse like – I’m so passionate about the benefits of the use of essential oils – after all, the world is a buzz about ‘clean eating’, why don’t we ‘clean moisturise’ the outside of our body too!

This is me and my granddaughter Izabela (4.5yrs) – I had just turned 50 – ageing gracefully and just using plant based carrier oils & essential oils.


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