I am pleased I have such high ethics….

…..certainly can’t say that for some others in my industry.


One thing I pride myself on is my ethics around essential oil blends & synergies, I have a clear conscience.

I am very proud to say that all my Le’Esscience blends & synergies have come from my original studies & my years of experience (case studies & clients through my practice). If ever I am asked to directly copy another brands Aromatherapy / Essential Oil product, I refuse. Instead I ask what symptoms want to be relieved / what wants to be achieved and I use my own knowledge and make my own – I REALLY pride myself on this.

So you can imagine my disappointment discovering an American (unqualified) essential oil supplier / online shop has blatantly copied one of my ‘ground breaking’ products – they used my wording & case study notes too. After a stern message from me, they did pull it down. However, it has come to light today they’ve re-added the product and tweaked it ‘slightly’ to by pass my legal & binding ‘trade secret’.

I have written to them again – what makes me wonder is; what other products are they selling and claiming as their own? How can buyers trust their legitimacy? The woman who owns the company and makes blends has no actual qualification. I am deeply disappointed – yes, it is having an effect on my sales too (for this particular product), which is what lead me to check her website again, but to me its the principal – companies like this can drag our industry down.

Online shopping definitely makes it tougher for the ‘buyer beware’ warning – it makes it easy for ‘charlatans’ to pose as qualified to make and sell and of course I know I’m not the first this has happened to (actually it’s the 2nd time it’s happened to me) – I don’t find plagiarism flattering, I think it’s low, cheap & unethical.


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