Essential Oil of the Day – Eucalyptus

Essential Oil of the Day – Eucalyptus (globulus) ~ As well as Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) & Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia), this versatile E/oil should be in your bathroom cabinet/First Aid kit.

I also highly recommend Eucalyptus – a powerful wee oil this is!  Very safe for all (even while pregnant & babies over 6 months) and perfect for the winter months – it is very uplifting and refreshing & great at clearing the head!  Wonderful in steam inhalations with Lavender & Lemon (about 2-3 drops of each, disperse with a fork, inhale mmmmm), for asthma, bronchitis, coughs & colds, flu & headaches – a fantastic decongestant for colds, flu & catarrh.

Very good with aches & pains and rheumatoid arthritis – wake up with a stiff neck/sore muscle? Mix 5mls of HG Olive Oil with 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus oil, rub on sore muscle, warm up your wheat bag/heat-in-a-click pack and apply for 30 mins – lovely relief!  Eucalyptus has great pain relieving & anti-inflammatory properties!

It has a powerful bactericidal and anti-viral action and is an affective natural treatment for colds (as earlier mentioned), it not only eases congestion, but also inhibits proliferation of the cold virus!

Helpful too (not neat though but mixed in a carrier oil) for chickenpox, measles, herpes, athletes foot, bunions, ulcers, blisters, burns, cuts, wounds, insect bites (it’s a repellent too!) and lice.

So many good things about this lovely essential oil – go buy some!  But make sure it’s 100% pure PLUS the most safe & versatile Eucalpytus’s are Globulus & Smithii (both safe for babies and children).

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ – Not all Eucalyptus’s are the same! It is vital you read the label and check what the botanical name is before purchasing.

Eucalyptus Radiata should be used infrequently since it is difficult to eliminate through the kidneys (do not use on babies & children).

Eucalyptus citiriodora (Lemon scented) can be a skin irritant so don’t use in the bath, must be used in low doses – it’s very poisonous and should not be used internally.

Eucalyptus dives (Peppermint) can be a skin irritant – do not use during pregnancy and do not use onchildren.

Eucalyptus polybractea is one of the strongest eucalyptus and it concerns me that its sold in most supermarkets, often in a non drip plastic bottle – it is so strong in can get tar off concrete! I have seen this Eucalyptus burn a clients skin because she used it neat on a tissue and popped it down her top when she had a cold (with globulus or smithii this is safe and effective).
It should be used for cleaning purposes only!

Very important to read the labels of essential oils and check out the botanical names first – important because they have different chemical components (profiles) and these chemicals can have a huge effect(s) when it comes to reactions in and on the body. If you are concerned, please feel free to contact me.


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