Kiss it better with…. MENDBLEND – another wonderful success story

Although there is more and more scientific backup for the use therapeutic essential oils, we still don’t have enough to help convince the skeptics!  So it’s up to qualified practitioners, such as myself to report results.  I try and do this as often as I can and I’m thrilled to say I have yet another fantastic success story.

About two months ago Flora came to see me in my Roxburgh practice to ask me if I could do something for her elderly mother-in-law in Scotland.  Her mo-in-law was quite bed ridden and had a terrible bed sore on the back of her ankle (for months) that wasn’t healing.  Even the district nurses were struggling and everything they tried didn’t work.  “It’s so deep you can see bone” Flora told me.  Flora’s hubby was about to go to Scotland and visit his Mum so was keen to take something with him to try, mo-in-law was in a lot of discomfort.

My suggestion was MendBlend, it’s Le’Esscience’s first aid blend.  The properties of the blend are anti-inflammatory, gently but highly effectively antiseptic / antibacterial, antiviral, as well as pain relieving but most importantly, the product has cell regenerating ability.  They were to apply MendBlend twice a day (minimum) around the area.


Flora visited me yesterday and was very excited to tell me MendBlend had been a major success, 95 year old mo-in-law is over the moon as well as her carers.  It was sad to hear the visiting nurses were very skeptical about the product and refused to apply it, so other carers did it for mo-in-law.  They did exactly as directed, applied a thin layer around the edge of the wound and it slowly but surely started healing.  Flora’s smile was huge when she was telling me about the results.  I was also thrilled of course to hear this news.  I’ve had excellent success stories before, chicken pox, very nasty burns, rashes etc, but not an old and very nasty bed sore.

So the bed sore is about 90% fully healed – “just a little bit to go, we’re almost there”.  Yes it’s taken time but it worked!  I’m just so happy I have bought some relief into a 95 year old ladies life!

Reason #369 why you should take essential oils seriously!

Essential oils must be used externally only and never neat but diluted appropriately in plant based carrier oils.  Always use essential oils under the guidance of a certified / qualified essential oil practitioner (Aromatherapist  / Aromatologist).

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MendBlend is the product of Clinical Aromatologist and business woman Gillian Parkinson of Le’Esscience Limited.  Gillian has a practice in Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand where she sees clients on a consultation basis and prepares 100% natural essential oil complimentary health products using pure high quality essential oils, and carrier oils.  Le’Esscience Limited was formed in 2009.


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