Why I don’t share all my recipes and ingredients…

I get asked quite a bit “please tell me what’s in your stretch mark & scar blend”? “how do you make your labour blend”? “I can’t wait for an online order to arrive in UK, can you please just tell me how to make the BeautiFuel Serum and I’ll just make it myself”

I never enjoy getting these emails or questions as I’m a very giving and generous person so it does go against my nature to not share everything but I do have a good reason. Hopefully, I don’t come across harsh, it’s not my intention.

Please note: These inquiries are mostly from people who have never purchased from,  or come to see me before, not my lovely regular clients & online customers.

Firstly, I studied, paid several thousand dollars to get my qualification, in course fees, extra essential oils, time, books & manuals – we know the study isn’t cheap, let alone free.  Also, all the blends I sell, I developed the recipes myself, I don’t copy anyone’s, in fact I have very high ethics, if someone asks me to copy a specific product I tell them “I don’t do that, however, tell me what you want to treat/achieve and I’ll make you something myself using my experience & knowledge”.

Secondly, it’s all about ‘IP’ (intellectual property), in other words, the recipes belong to me, I’ve developed them and they form a huge part of my business, I run a business – you wouldn’t walk into a clothing shop, ask the assistant if you could take a pattern off a piece of clothing, so you could go home and make it would you?

This could seem harsh to you, but unfortunately, I have been badly burnt on two occasions now. I used to share my PUPPPS Rash Relief (a very distressing hive like pregnancy rash) recipe – this blend is groundbreaking – I’m not exaggerating when I say there is nothing else in the world like it, it actually will relieve the symptoms and clear the condition up (where steroids, antihistamines won’t touch it) – feedback from the successful cases is just incredible.  Then a woman in America (who sells essential oil products online) decided to make her own using my recipe and claimed it as her own.  She is not qualified, she’s ‘read books’ and feels she is qualified enough to make recommendations (some of her recommendations are scarily high risk, there is nothing I can do though).  I wrote to her (after advice from my lawyer) and asked her to pull this product down – she did, then 5 days later re-added it, tweaked it adding an extra essential oil so she can get around the IP, claims it as her own.  Sales to the USA have plummeted – not hard to understand why. She is benefiting financially from basic ‘theft’!


On the other occasion, I had to pay a lawyer to get help with plagiarism for the other product a young ‘unqualified man’ in Wales tried to copy.  These occasions are very stressful for me, they affect my business as well. It shouldn’t happen but with the internet, you have NO control.

So on the advice of my lawyer, I have legally protected these two particular products with a ‘trade secret’ (just like KFC & Coca Cola do) – my hand has been forced! These are only two occasions, there have been more to lesser degrees of copying, or ‘trying’ to copy.

Some recipes I’m happy to share, some I just can’t – it just effects my business too much!

“My reputation is on the line and I stand by my products with honesty & integrity.  If I made unsafe products or ineffective products, I wouldn’t still be in business –  I take my profession very seriously which is why I studied and have an international qualification I’m immensely proud of”

This is what I kindly explain to people when they say “but I want to know what I’m putting on my body”

Why do the big corporate companies do it? Most of the products contain ‘lab made’ chemicals (including ‘fragrance’ & parfume‘, see that on a label and you can guarantee there are at least 100 synthetic ingredients in those additives), would you have any idea how to make Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)? or Hydroxyisohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde,? So the corporates, you can see they’re pretty safe right?

Copyright you say? I’m afraid SME’s like mine don’t have the hundreds and thousands of dollars required to protect each recipe – Trade Secret’s are an option, which I’ve taken a stance on for two of my many recipes. The others I will share say 3 of the 5 essential oils in the products.  I believe this ‘middle ground’ is fair. And as I’ve explained above, my reputation is on the line and I stand by my products (I do understand people’s concerns) – they all contain, and more importantly only contain 100% pure essential oils and plant-based carrier oils – that’s it! Nothing else – simple!

In a nutshell, the business I have built from scratch, wouldn’t survive. I hope you now understand…

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share.


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