What blends do I use regularly?

I get asked this quite a bit, “what’s in your collection at home”?

What a great question!

Ok, so this is what I use regularly:

BeautiFuel Serum & Cleanser – I don’t use anything else on my face, other than Dove tinted moisturiser only because it has an SPF in it and I don’t use foundation (unless I am going to a function).  The tint in this product balances the colour of my skin and the SPF protects my face from the sun (of course).

Balancing Blend – I use this daily – I simply can not do without this now.  It keeps me on an emotional level playing field. I notice a difference when I don’t use it.  I tend to suffer from anxiety and this is the first thing I notice if I’ve not used it for a few days.  I’ve only made this mistake once or twice! Balancing Blend is my sanity! And it makes ‘that time of the month’ SO much easier to deal with! I usually have no sign its on the way!

Kiss it better with…. MendBlend – My go to if there is ever a need for first aid, itchy bites, rashes, allergic reactions, bumps & bruises, stings, cuts & grazes, mild to moderate burns – this is great for all of this! My daughter recently stayed with her baby (Quinn) and used it for nappy rash and a wee rash Quinn had in her armpit, pretty much fixed it overnight.  The blend is so versatile.  I must always have this at home!

SleepEase – I used to have to use this regularly but now it’s just by the bed just in case – it always works and I would never not have it in the house! It’s great for guests too (& their kiddies) as it doesn’t always need to be used daily to be effective.

Tight Neck & Shoulders – I use this as and when required mainly on my shoulders and calves – I know I recommend regular massage but for myself, I can’t always have this (I think I had 2 in 2015, I probably should’ve had 12!).  This blend is good to use when I’m in real need of a massage and don’t have the time – I will use it daily for a week and it truly helps!

Immunity Boost Blend – I start using this the moment I feel sickness coming on, and same goes for my hubby – it’s also good for jet-lag, using a week before travel to help your body prepare.

Lush Synergy – SUCH a good pick me if you are feeling flat! I just LOVE this blend, it works SO quickly and if used as directed, it can change the day from potentially ‘meh’ to happy and cheerful! This is my favourite synergy

Anxiety Synergy – I carry this one in my bag just in case I can be of help to anyone else I am around (as well as myself) – it is great for anxiety / panic attacks – another I can not do without.


Then there is a straight bottles of essential oils. I always have at home Lavender (it can be used straight on the skin if its Lavendula Angustifolia) for almost EVERY skin emergency! Ylang Ylang – add it to your conditioner, good for nourishing your hair and scalp – it’s also a great anti-depressant, as is Bergamot and Geranium (which I also have at home). Clary Sage, this to is a go to – I know I shouldn’t make this claim, but to me it’s a little miracle worker, for panic, anxiety, stress, headaches – it’s so euphoric, grounding yet uplifting – 8 drops in a bath (as long as you aren’t pregnant, but fantastic for labour) will do you wonders!