So you bought your favourite bottle of essential oil and…

… it smells similar but different from the last time you bought it! Same brand,  same botanical name, sometimes it smells a bit sweeter, sometimes a bit green? So why is this?

It’s Mother Nature doing her thing! There are a few things that account for the quality, smell and therapeutic benefits of an essential oil.   The country the plant is grown in, the altitude, soil composition, temperature, time of day the plant was harvested, how long it sits in the field, length of the distillation time, etc all come into the final result!


Often my lovely suppliers will message me and let me know they’ve almost run out of what they know my faves are so I can swoop in a buy as much as I can!  They also know I’m very fussy, aroma as well as quality is very important to me (for my practice, clients and online customers)!

Essential oil importers to NZ usually buy very large quantities of essential oils for reselling – once the particular batch has run out, there is no guarantee you will get exactly the same ‘chemical composition’ essential oil as you did last order!

This happens regularly and sometimes it can be really disappointing!!  I recently had this with my beloved Clary Sage!  I usually go through 100mls a month in my practice, the aroma of Clary Sage is particularly important (in some the aroma, doesn’t matter as much, depends of course what it’s being used for) as it’s brilliant to inhale during childbirth – my latest batch isn’t as ‘deep’ in it’s aroma, more fresh and green! It’s still good, but not quite the same. If I really don’t like the aroma and the aroma is vital, I have no hesitation in sending it back to the supplier!

Nothing worse than being recommended to inhale an essential oil (or synergy of) because you need uplifting / calming / de-stressing and it insults your olfactory system!


To be reassured you know you’ve purchased a 100% pure essential oils, the label should always state “100% Essential Oil” and or the botanical name ie: Clary Sage – Salvia scalrea.  If the bottle ever says fragrance or parfum, it means lab made not pure (natural).