About Le’Esscience


Le’Esscience Dispensary was based in Wellington (capital city of New Zealand) for 5 years but  moved to Roxburgh, Central Otago in March 2015

A qualified Clinical Aromascience Practitioner, Owner / operator Gillian Parkinson has a passion for and has been using essential oils for over 20 years.

Le’Esscience has developed from this passion.

“I have a practice where I see clients on a consultation basis, prepare  essential oil blends and give aromatherapy Swedish style relaxation massage.  I also a provide online consultation via my Facebook page & Twitter (Le’Esscience follows a strict code of ethics when it comes to confidentiality and professionalism).

The purpose of this blog? To share my learnings – I have to, I must! Essential Oils can bring so much relief, peace & well being – in a completely natural way. I hope you enjoy my writings…. feel free to ask any questions, I will do my best to help in any way!

You can email me Gillian@LeEsscience.co.nz

Thank you

Gillian has a certificate in AromaScience, NZQA recognised qualification, fully approved by the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA).

All Le’Esscience products have been developed by Clincial Aromatologist and business woman Gillian Parkinson of Le’Esscience Limited.  Gillian has a practice in  Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand where she sees clients on a consultation basis and prepares 100% natural essential oil complimentary health products using pure high quality essential oils, and carrier oils.  Le’Esscience Limited was formed in 2009.

Gillian’s other brands are the very successful TINKture Tattoo Aftercare & RAPture