What blends do I use regularly?

I get asked this quite a bit, "what's in your collection at home"? What a great question! Ok, so this is what I use regularly: BeautiFuel Serum & Cleanser - I don't use anything else on my face, other than Dove tinted moisturiser only because it has an SPF in it and I don't use foundation (unless... Continue Reading →

I’m always grateful for feedback….

I'm always so grateful when a client / customer gives me positive feedback (if I'm honest, negative feedback is rare and it's usually not negative as such, but perhaps a minor skin reaction or faulty lid!) This feedback I wanted to share for BeautiFuel Serum & MendBlend - this lovely customer lives in UK and regularly purchases Le'Esscience... Continue Reading →

A little bit of serious thought for you…

So the question for you to have a think about.... Are you happy purchasing essential oil products and taking advice, from people who make them, who aren't qualified? Essential oils are extremely powerful & effective and need to be respected. Reading books about them and attending weekend workshops is just not enough. Leading on from that... Continue Reading →

Essential Oil of the Day – Eucalyptus

Essential Oil of the Day - Eucalyptus (globulus) ~ As well as Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) & Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia), this versatile E/oil should be in your bathroom cabinet/First Aid kit. I also highly recommend Eucalyptus - a powerful wee oil this is!  Very safe for all (even while pregnant & babies over 6 months)... Continue Reading →

I am pleased I have such high ethics….

.....certainly can't say that for some others in my industry. A STATEMENT: One thing I pride myself on is my ethics around essential oil blends & synergies, I have a clear conscience. I am very proud to say that all my Le'Esscience blends & synergies have come from my original studies & my years of experience... Continue Reading →

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